i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

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your icon is very cute :) 

my ultimte goal is to go to every disney theme park. (disneyland, disneyworld, tokyo disney, disney paris, and hong kong disneyland) <3

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thank you very much! you’re sweet :)

i’m going to vloggerfair this year, which is a youtube meet up in seattle, washington! i can’t wait! (if you or any of my followers are going, send me a message! i’d love to stop and say hi!) <3

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oh man does that mean i have to post four? ok well -

i wear a key necklace and i’ve worn it everyday for four years. i only take it off to shower.
i like night, but i’m scared of the dark.
i’ve been to california many times, but i’ve only ever been to anaheim. 
i’d love to be an author or an astronomer <3

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